Class Tuition

Please call the studio or email Alex with any questions.

Registration is available on our ONLINE PORTAL.

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  1. Payment must be either 1) ACH/Automated Monthly Debit System or 2) Credit Card (Visa or MC).
  2. No checks accepted for monthly payments. If paying by ACH, client must come in-house via an appointment to deliver and sign for all ACH and tuition payment forms. This process cannot be handled via our on-line registration system.
  3. Must pay first and last full month (DECEMBER 2020) tuition upon registration. This tuition payment is non-refundable. Automatic monthly tuition drawals via ACH or credit card will begin on October 1, 2020.
  4. If ACH, please attach a voided check to this form. If CREDIT, please attach the Credit form.
  5. Once submitted and registered in the system, tuition payment is non-refundable. Payments will continue to be taken on a monthly basis until a “Notice of W/D Form” has been submitted in a timely fashion. Paid tuition is non-refundable when withdrawal is received after the 1st of the respective month.
  6. If payment is rejected, a $35 fee will be applied to your account.

Classes / Week $ / Session
1.0 65.00
2.0 125.00
3.0 175.00
4.0 225.00
5.0 275.00
6.0 325.00
7.0 375.00
8.0 425.00
9.0 450.00
10.0 475.00
11.0 500.00
12.0 500.00
13.0 500.00
14.0 500.00