We truly believe that there is no limit to what every dancer can achieve. Why? Because every child possesses a gift that is ready to be opened! This is the philosophy of SDC Director, Nichole Savage, as well as the rest of SDC's professional faculty. We look forward to helping each child open and develop their unique gift at their own pace.

But how? We do so by providing each dancer high quality dance education which is specifically designed to inspire our dancers from their first encounter with moving to music to their own personal or professional aspirations. Our focus on the underlying fundamentals and traditional methodologies advances our dancers through carefully codified syllabi designed to increase and enhance our dancers abilities in technique, stamina, and discipline as well as nurturing the creativity, spontaneity, and intellectual curiousity in all of our dancers - no matter their age or ability.

This drive is led by the SDC faculty. Our distinguished faculty are professional dancers and professional teachers who have dedicated their lives to the art form of dance and providing the highest form of professional education to the dancers of Mid-Maryland. Our faculty has performed throughout the world and been educated by the very best in the dance world. This is the same education we bring to you! Visit our Faculty page.

Our motto at SDC is simple:

"Live. Learn. Dance."

These three words certainly make for a full day both physically and emotionally in a student's life. We pride ourselves on offering each dancer a safe, comfortable and collegial environment that allows for artistic and social growth while also leaving time for the dancer to reflect at the end of each day and smile at what they have accomplished. By doing so, it allows each dancer the opportunity to further respect and appreciate the importance of their peers, teachers and family - while also building and maintaining their own esteem and self respect in the process. Dance at SDC truly is a bridge to maturation and education in not only the wonderful art of dance - but also of life and self-awareness.

We personally invite you to experience all that is Savage Dance Company!

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